Drone & Pulse

by Spooly the Sequencer

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Warning: Complex and Imperfect Music Made in the Moment. All the lyrics are completely improvised on the spot (maybe obviously sometimes). Most of the mistakes are not mistakes. ( ;

Since making a transition from live editing to sequencing about 3 months ago, I've made 9 recordings and "Sound in Sequence" was the first one I wanted to throw out there (instead of just throwing out). In some ways, the tracks get better as you go down the list, but in a way not so, as the spontaneity reduces, surprises become more rare, and ineptitude becomes less of a tool for creativity.

I replaced the all-in-one mixer with a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and got myself a Korg Volca Bass sequencer and Sample sequencer, a Microkorg synth, and hooked them up along with the Roland VT-1 voice transformer and Korg Monotron Delay synth through the mixer. Spent about 5 hours working on beats and an hour or two on the simple bassline. Did one run through in real time, adding things, changing things, using voice here and there and running the live feed through the mic to give some subtle background sounds in key (something I did accidentally first). Then once that is recorded, I played that track through the all-in-one and did a few loops, effects, played with the eq and gains and this came out.

I like to not destroy things by practicing the same thing over and over till it's "perfect". I like it fresh, like an off-road ride, with surprises (for me too) and it is a record of the experience of music for me. Kind of like my wife's Saori freestyle weaving. "No such thing as a mistake"

I hope some will enjoy it as I do and play it loud with an attentive ear or two enough times to hear all that's in it.

Thanks for listening.


released August 4, 2015

Some of the sounds are made from scratch on sequencers, and there are a few locally sampled acoustic sounds. There's a First Nations (the name can't be typed with a qwerty keyboard) phrase "Are you all well?" recorded at the BC museum in Victoria. There's the sound of my co-worker expertly popping his chewing gum bubble within a bubble. There's my voice in a tunnel on the Galloping Goose trail imitating a crow. And the phrase "Whol is John Galt?" from the movie Atlas Shrugged, slowed down to imperceptible speed. Some sounds are made painstakingly from the ground up (waves) on analog and digital synthesizers.

The picture is of two places and the corresponding noise level there as shown on an iPhone decibel meter. The Vancouver island ferry doors just before opening, and my car stereo at the highest volume before audible distortion sets in (around 20 out of 35 on the volume dial). One of them is significantly more pleasing to the ear than the other.



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Spooly the Editor Victoria, British Columbia

All my edits have 5 things: Me, Others, Technology, Real Time Improvisation, and "Mistakes". I have been researching & playing with music intensely since 2011 on the Numark NS6. The screen shot is a sound grab from Sunset Room in Victoria, BC, using an ipod app. I recommend playing these tracks quite loud and downloading the better quality files. Music is fragile; handle with care. ... more

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Track Name: Highlights from Drone & Pulse (Hard Cut Medley)
Yes, few
Track Name: Vinyl Shop Vermin
Lyrics: Figure 'em out
Track Name: The Stuff Of Choice
I like my lyrics rare, unplanned, and mysterious (nice word for raw levels with the over and under db volal bits, and unclear parts). You don't want to understand everything the first time. And sometimes the listener makes them up as they make sense in their head.
Track Name: Sound's In Boxes
figure 'em out, keep listening
Track Name: Why It's Now Now
Figure 'em out, or hear 'em the way you like, if they're important to you. For me, it's mostly about the music.