Vamping Weekend In The Hatt

by Spooly the Editor

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I heard this one at the Oak Bay Rec Center and asked the lifeguard about it. Went home and chose two songs by Vampire Weekend. This one is "White Sky", an excellent tune in my books. I like so many things about this song. I decided to accentuate the interesting concepts in the song and play with them further.

I like to start the edit by "disguising" the song somehow (various ways) and gradually fade or otherwise change into the natural intro of the song. Those who know the song, but not by name, will at some point feel the familiarity seep in. If you have 2- or 3-way speakers with the tweeter some distance from the woofer (or headphones with 2 drivers per ear), there is some nice vertical separation of the soundstage in the intro. The little poofy/clicky sounds panning from left to right will sound higher in the soundstage than the other sounds.

102 bpm (usually)


There are some interesting musings online about the meaning of these great lyrics. I just enjoy the word play, sound of the words, and various imaginings that come up...

An ancient business
A modern piece of glass work
Down on the corner that you walk each day in passing
The elderly sales clerk won't eye us with suspicion
The whole, immortal corporation's given its permission

A little stairway
A little peice of carpet
A pair of mirrors that
Are facing one another
Out in both directions
A thousand little Julias
That come together
In the middle of Manhattan

You waited since lunch
It all comes at once

Around the corner
The house that modern art built
I ask for modern art
To keep it out the closets
The people who might own it
The sins of pride and envy
And on the second floor
The Richard Serra Skate Park

You waited since lunch
It all comes at once

Sit on the park wall
Ask all the right questions
Why are the horses racing taxis in the winter?
Look up at the buildings imagine who might live there
Imagining your wolfords in a ball upon the sink there

You waited since lunch
It all comes at once


released March 1, 2015
White Sky by Vampire Weekend on Contra (Bonus Track Version)



all rights reserved


Spooly the Editor Victoria, British Columbia

All my edits have 5 things: Me, Others, Technology, Real Time Improvisation, and "Mistakes". I have been researching & playing with music intensely since 2011 on the Numark NS6. The screen shot is a sound grab from Sunset Room in Victoria, BC, using an ipod app. I recommend playing these tracks quite loud and downloading the better quality files. Music is fragile; handle with care. ... more

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