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by Spooly the Editor

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In December 2012, I had been into electonic music for about two years and had the digital all-in-one mixer system for about one year. One night on the way home, on a whim, I went to Club 9ONE9 in Victoria BC and saw Calyx & Teebee play for the first time. Simply put, it was the best live display of musical art I've ever seen. So inspired, I promptly selected my favourite tracks and played a live edit the next day. I did my own usual manual looping, effects and other hard-to-describe things (like single consonant cue hits in time with the cadence of the song), and added a time-warped and cue-played voiceovers that give a spacey yet sentimental dimension. The identity of one of the speakers will surprise you. Once you recognize the person, it'll seem obvious.

Also, if you know the history of drum and bass music (and a fair bit of jungle), you'll recognize the 4-measure "Amen Break" from the song "Amen Brother" by the Winstons. This little break basically got picked up by a dj and started the genre right there. I thought it deserved presence in this edit. You'll know it's around when you hear an obnoxious two-tone horn stab. Enjoy !

Over the last couple years, I've added a few things, and just today did one more run through (in real time as always) and added a few more things, tweaked the levels, cut out the last track and redid the ending. Sorry, Koan sound (another fantastic drum and bass duo).

Enjoy it loud, on your best audio system, preferrably with headphones, more than once, all at once, with open mind and focused ears... and I guarantee, you'll be massively Calyx, & Teebee, & Spooly.


My favourite part is "almost without thinking" spoken three times at 9:46, 9:58 and 10:03. It uncannily sounds as if it were needed in the original song. (Always easy to add things after the fact and say it got better, but hey, I think it got better).


released February 20, 2015
Selected tracks from Calyx & Teebee's masterpiece album (IMO)
"All or Nothing"

Cover Art is a YouTube screen shot of one of the funniest "music videos" I've ever seen--zaniness.

16:56 usually 86 bpm



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Spooly the Editor Victoria, British Columbia

All my edits have 5 things: Me, Others, Technology, Real Time Improvisation, and "Mistakes". I have been researching & playing with music intensely since 2011 on the Numark NS6. The screen shot is a sound grab from Sunset Room in Victoria, BC, using an ipod app. I recommend playing these tracks quite loud and downloading the better quality files. Music is fragile; handle with care. ... more

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